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Children's Center for Development & Behavior is dedicated to supporting the social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and developmental growth of children from birth to adulthood. Our fully integrated approach towards developmental-behavioral pediatrics offers unique assessments, interventions and treatment options for children with developmental delays, including autism.

ABA Therapy (BLAM)

The Behavioral Language Acquisition Model (BLAM)® is a form of intensive ABA that addresses rapid learning of language/communication skills in children diagnosed with speech delays, general developmental disorders (PDD-NOS) , Autism, Apraxia and delays stemming from medical issues and syndromes (Down’s, Fragile X, Angleman’s, etc.).

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Clinical Psychology

At Children’s Center for Development and Behavior, we believe that our success and strength lies in our interdisciplinary approach towards assessment and treatment. Our doctoral level clinical staff provided another dimension of assessment and intervention to pursue overall success for your child’s well being and the family as a whole.

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Rehab Services

Our Rehabilitative Services team provides comprehensive care for children ranging in age from birth through adolescence. Our rehabilitative services include consultation, assessment, and direct treatment. Our skilled professionals work to help children increase communication skills as well as motor skills and sensory integration. We also interact closely with our other departments.

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Social Skills Group

Our Social Skills Groups are divided based on level of functioning and are geared towards using language appropriately in social situations, and with peers.  Scenarios are set up that encourage and require children to communicate effectively, taking turns and utilize social cues.

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