"Stepping In"

A Social Skills Program designed for Children with developmental delays, including autism


This weekly social skills program will teach, improve and reinforce independence to help children generalize learned skills.  The environment will be fun, challenging and nurturing and will stimulate self-confidence in daily social interactions.

Each Saturday, participants will have the opportunity to learn about different topics of interest and will practice social problem solving skills within the context of the weekly topic/lesson.  Themed weekly activities and group projects will be presented to spark interest and creativity in participants.  Strategies and skills will be taught and reinforced so learning and generalization takes place.

Weather permitting, one outing will be planned throughout the 4 week program so children can practice and experience what they learned.


  • Increase conceptual and academic skills
  • Enhance social skills through group interaction, play and planned group activities
  • Improve cognitive and problem solving skills
  • Increase generalization of language skills
  • Learn about different subjects and topics
  • Practice daily living skills
  • Improve speech, language and vocabulary building (pragmatics)


  • Group held 4 Saturdays throughout the month
  • Bagged Lunch required
  • Ratio of 2 children per 1 therapist
  • Should an outing be planned, parent will be required to pay admission fees.

To contact us by phone, call us toll free at 1-866-290-6468. Email us at administrative@childpsych.org or fill out the form below and click the "Send" button.