STEP Program

The primary purpose of STEP is to empower parents with knowledge, basic therapeutic skills and techniques necessary to help facilitate the process of their child reaching their individual therapeutic goals.

The STEP model has been created so parents and/or caregivers have the opportunity to acquire an understanding of how to work with their child at home or in other naturally occurring situations to maximize skill building and promote generalization. Parents will be taught how to recognize/identify opportunities and when teaching, reinforcing or specific interventions are appropriate.

If a child is currently receiving therapy, whether it be BLAM®, other forms of ABA, speech therapy, occupational therapy or a combination thereof, STEP is a service that will ensure that parents are successfully using techniques to help the child generalize the skills that he/she is learning or has mastered in therapy.

Instruction is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis and delivered to the parents and/or caregiver in the child’s natural environment by one of our highly trained developmental/behavior therapists.


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