Often times, difficulties in child behavior and learning are complex situations which require assessment by a team of specialists.  The research supports this and suggests that an interdisciplinary approach towards assessment is "best practice" when evaluating children with autism spectrum disorders or developmental delays.

At Children's Center for Development and Behavior our Interdisciplinary Developmental Behavioral Assessment (IDBA) Team will provide your child with an integrated, "hands-on" assessment designed to provide comprehensive information related to your child's strengths and weaknesses across all levels of development

Your child's assessment team will consist of a Behavior Analyst , Speech/Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist. Each clinician is highly skilled and knowledgeable in  Pervasive Developmental Disorders, including autism.

The assessment entails use of a standardized global developmental assessment which includes analysis of behavior atypicalities that may interfere with learning and inclusion within normal environments.  Specialized assessments will be included in specific domains (speech language pathology/occupational therapy) based on the observations of the child's performance during the global developmental assessment.

Throughout the assessment, each clinician will interact with your child individually and as part of the clinical team to evaluate and record your child's responses and performance as tests are administered.

The resulting profile will depict your child's individual levels of functioning in all areas of development and behavior.  Uneven and idiosyncratic learning patterns in the areas of imitation, perception, sensory integration, fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive performance, oral motor, and receptive/expressive language will be identified.

Clinical Team Review

Upon completion of the IDBA, your child’s clinical team will convene to discuss and coordinate their findings. A Clinical Summary will be developed so parents can be provided with Immediate Feedback and results.

Recommendations will be developed during this clinical review process so an integrated therapy plan can be recommended specific to your child’s individual needs.

Family Review

The Family Review will allow family members to meet with the IDBA Team to review the findings of the assessment. The family will receive a report at the review, and will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss findings and clinical results
  • Ask Questions
  • Discuss Treatment Options
  • Develop an Integrated Plan of Treatment specific to your child’s needs

The entire IDBA process will take place during one scheduled visit. The assessment, clinical team review and family review will take approximately five (5) hours.


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